>Creative Writing Prompt: I Remember…

>Creative writing last night was really fun.  We did this ten minute exercise where he gave three prompts and then you just wrote for the time involved without editing, second guessing yourself, worrying about spelling or grammer and with enjoying it.  The basic idea being “do or do not there is no try.”  I found it slightly frustrating because I type fast and my brain moves at my typing speed when writing.  But I was writing long hand and couldn’t get everything I wanted down in the time.  I know that’s worrying about it and he said not to but it’s a physical (CP) thing rather than a writing thing.  Perhaps time I got a laptop or alphasmart again.

I chose the prompt “I remember” and this is what I wrote.

I remember the first time I went sailing.  I didn’t really want to be there but a now good friend had spent a year telling me how I hd to go.  How I would love it.  Eventually I said I would go once but on the condition tht he shut up about it if I didn’t go back.  I felt nervous and even more so when I asked if they’d oked it with the organisers and was told “no.”.  But we got there and everyone was lovely.  Pleased to see me, welcoming and friendly.  They found me a big orange lifejacket and showed me how to put it on.  It was bulky and a little uncomfortable and reminded me of the ones you see on cruise ships.  Three people surrounded me and lifted me out of my chair into the boat.  Don’t worry they said, Terry’s coming with you.  Leaving my chair behind made me wary but I was excited now I was there and it was happening.

It’s not the ending I had in mind for the piece or they one I would have had if I were typing it originally (typed that in about four minutes probably less) but reading it back now it seems to work.  It’s “as was” last night apart from editing typos I made as I transcribed it and changing a couple of short hands to the full word (w/ to with mostly)

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