>Wake Me Up When September Ends…

>OK so it’s tacky as hell but I just had to get that title in for a journal entry at least one time this month.  And it’s apt today because I feel like I have very little energy.  I did start taking the Abx this morning and I also spent most of it in bed.

Today is the check in day for the Healthy You Challenge run by Scale Junkie and this is my first week as a member of that challenge.  And before I’ve even updated for it or anything some people have already come by and said Hi so thanks for all the messages.  I’m looking forward to getting round some of the blogs and meeting some new people.  Some inspiration and support would definitely not go amiss either.

Having lost 2lb last week (and 2lb in total, last week being my first week) and with knowing that I’m unlikely to do great this week due to feel grotty my goal is to remain the same weight.  I do plan to try to stay really on target over the next couple of days but it’s not easy when you don’t feel good.  Even though I do feel better than I did.  Maybe a few days more on target would mean I could lose another lb by the time I weigh on Friday but I’m not holding my breath…

Plans for next week?  Get some exercise in starting Saturday or before if I’m up to par before then.

Thanks for the welcome to the challenge and for the messages guys, it’s really appreciated – and helpful too.

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