>Writing stuff and a new computer

>I’m blogging in a different style today.  On my mums kitchen table with my new laptop!  wooohoooo!

Ok so its not exactly a laptop, technically it’s a netbook which is a mini laptop.  Acer Aspire One – £179 from amazon.  its very very cool and i love it.  it’s really going to make things like the creative writing course and NaNoWriMo (nearly here! yay!) much easier for me and i’m pleased.  Also when I get around to sorting out wifi I can surf the net from my bed or my sofa or in front of the tv and basically will just be living on the internet even more that i already do.  this is probably not a good thing but who cares?!

And I took this down to the coffee shop and did some writing there earlier today earlier.  This creative writing course and this computer thing are going to make me something of a writing machine but that’s good as it will help me to achieve my goal of quitting the crappy life stuff I have going on and become a writer full time.  Yes yes I know possibly an impossible dream but as they sang at the end of Mary Poppins anything can happen if you let it.

I’m really enjoying all the writing and the course too.

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