>Lather Rinse Repeat

>Another week, another check in with my weight.  OK so this is only my second week as part of the healthy you challenge but sometimes I feel like this entire blog reads as lose a little weight, lose a little more, regain all the weight and some more, lose some weight, regain that and end up heavier than before, again.  Lather rinse repeat.

I’d make blase promises about this time being the last time and all that jazz but I’ve done all that before too and failed there too – just click on the “losin it” category over there on the right, it’s all there.

I am feeling a lot better than I have been lately and finished the course of Abx this lunchtime.  I restarted my antidepressant last week and am slowly feeling better there too.  A couple more days and I’ll be up to one capsule daily.  Screwed up the courage to talk to someone about making some changes in certain areas to reduce the “argh” factor and I have options and am thinking about it so thats better too.

My mood and my physical health both play a factor in how well I do (or don’t do) at maintaining, controlling and ultimately losing weight.  So it’s all important and I should/could keep track of it to help.

I managed exercise twice in this last week (one of which was today) and I lost another 2lb for 4lb in total.  I’m pleased.

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