>Poor little crippled girl

>I had a new carer tonight.  For so long now I’ve just had the same person that having someone completely new (and having someone who rarely does my care as I did last week) was strange.  Time was having new carers was my normal and I had my “new person” speech down to a t.

Now?  Not fun.

Didn’t help that several of her comments had me convinced that she saw me as a “poor little crippled girl.”  In fact at one point I disagreed with her over something and said “you’re looking at that from the point of view of ‘she’s a poor disabled girl'” which she denied.  Points being that it is “disgusting” I don’t have funding from social services, do my parents help me out at all (I said not really I don’t need them to often and having carers is better), do I see many people and do I get out often.

 I didn’t want to use my usual phrasing (the above) because I knew she wouldn’t get it and sometimes I just get so annoyed and frustrated being someone who people don’t get.  Usually that can just wash over me and I get on with it regardless but it’s happened a few too many times over the last sort of ten days two weeks. So it was best avoided.

Oh and when explaining why she became a carer she said it was because she got on well with people and she gets on well with disabled people too.  Because, clearly, we are some whole different species to the rest of the world.

Very frustrating.

But still better than last weeks comment of “your Dad must earn a lot of money.” when I made some comment about my parents being away last week (again in response to a question about why my parents don’t help me out more – as in do my support).  I just gave them a very pointed look and said “I wouldn’t know, it’s none of my business.”

As is always the way, after the event I mentioned it to a friend and she came up with the best response – just too late to use it.  She said I should have said “Why? Did they ask you to contribute to the cost?!”  I’m remembering it for the next time.

Because God only knows they’ll be one.  There always is.

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