>More to Prove

>I’m curious tonight.  And I’m thinking.  The two together aren’t necessarily the best thing ever but what can you do?!

I’m beginning to think that as a PWD I have to do more, overall, and try harder in order to prove myself.  Prove to others that I’m capable and able and a functioning member of society.  Because as much as things have changed there is still the assumption out there that being disabled means you are to be pitied and that you aren’t capable.

The other day someone commented to me on some work that had been carried out on the path in front of my house.  I’d seen they were doing it but hadn’t seen the specifics.  In fact they’d only done it that day so I’d avoided that area (fresh tarmac not being something I want my wheelchair on).  And I told them that, adding that I’d used my back door when I’d gone out that afternoon.  But their immediate response (despite the fact they know I volunteer) was to assume that I don’t get out much and hadn’t been out at all that week.

It took me a while to make them understand and I was getting a little bit snappy with them it must be said.

That and some other things have me thinking about how I have more to prove than able-bodied people and how it is automatically harder for me to do so.

I am curious though, does anyone else feel like that?

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