>Taking a Break

>The following is from an e-mail I just sent to a friend as it covers the high points (or rather not so high points) I was going to blog about and saves me writing it twice.  I cut all the gossip and making plans to get together out so sorry it’s not interesting!

Sorry I’ve not been in touch things have gone a bit crazy over the last couple of weeks. The short version is I went back on antidepressants and have been arranging to take a break from being a CAB adviser and started an adult learning course at the end of September just one night a week but it keeps me busy. The drugs are working great for me again now and CAB have got another role they are very keen for me to take on for a few months and I’m very very interested in too so we had a meeting about that today and I’m excited about it. Not dealing with clients will be very good for me I think as I was beginning to find it very stressful.

This bit is just in this blog ;o)

A friend said to me earlier that she had the impression (from the “taking a break” discussion) that things weren’t great for me.  I told her that no, they aren’t but that I’m doing OK.  And that I actually think that things aren’t as bad as I’m making out they are (or feeling they are) but I’m panicking they will get that way so trying to be proactive and get on top of things now.  As I told both her and a couple of other people (separately) I don’t want finding it stressful to turn into “I can’t do this any more.” overwhelmedness.  And it was getting close to that.

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