>Mitch Benn

>Mitch Benn last night was really fun.  It’s the first time I’ve seen him with The Distractions (his band).  It was different in a good way.  A lot more polished and rocky, showy perhaps is the term I’m thinking off.  I liked it, liked the new stuff although I had hoped so hear some of my older favourites too.  I guess that’s what the CDs are for ;o)

Mum liked it too I think, I’d not been sure but she said on the phone this morning (I think, we’ve been on the phone about four times today *sigh* I am disorganised) that she did so that’s good too.

This weekend is crazy, I’m busier than I’ve been at any weekend (or probably week either when it comes to it) in forever and I’ve also had to turn three things down because I am that busy.  I need to wake up and cheer up, however.

Oh and tonight is Geri’s party and Trudi will be here very soon! Yay!

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