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    >More on Gossip.

    >My mum thinks I am overreacting by getting mad and saying that my carers are gossiping about me.  She doesn’t read my blog but I told her about it. Basically, the two latest new carers have been discussing me (between themselves and with a member of the office staff as well as in front of at least one other carer so far as I can tell).  The third carer who this was all discussed in front of told me all about it yesterday.  But tells me she said nothing.  I do believe that.  I know of two things that were said about me based on what I was told. Obviously…

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    >It would appear that my new carers have been gossiping about me.  Joy and fucking rapture.  Isn’t that just wonderful.  Because I really needed another big mess to sort out!!! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >”I Am” Hosting the 50th Disability Blog Carnival! – Edited with more links

    >Welcome to the 50th Disability Blog Carnival.  I am very impressed and happy that we’ve made it to 50 editions and very pleased to be hosting the 50th Edition. Tonight (Matthew), our theme is going to be “I am” (apologies for the crap joke that only Brits will understand and is rubbish but I couldn’t resist!).  Once again I thought the topic would bring one sort of submission and was both pleased and surprised by the difference from what I expected and what we have here. First a warning that if you comment on my blog there is a high possibility I will go to your blog and find something…

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    >God Love Wikipedia

    >Shi and I are discussing disabilities on MSN and experiences and perspectives and stuff.  It’s really interesting.  As a part of that I was telling her about the views of a friend of mine who has Williams Syndrome. All I really know about that condition is how it affects my friend and that it’s genetic.  But I was kinda curious so I went to the Wikipedia article (linked above).   Which includes the quote: “It is characterised by (….) an unusually cheerful demeanor (…) a love of music (…)” I know, it’s wikipedia and you gotta take it with a huge pinch of salt.  But I don’t know whether to…

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    >I am – Guest Post for the Carnival from Ricky

    >If you read my comments threads you will see frequent comments from a guy called Ricky.  He wanted to share the following for the next DBC (which will be up here tomorrow).  The theme is I Am (and I will make sure he receives/sees any feedback) I would offer something along the lines of I am more than I appear. That would sort of tie in to the entry about that rather ignorant person who thinks you should have a “proper life”. The one thing that has become a motto for me is a quote from writer Mercedes Lackey that goes; “There is no one true way.” It’s a bit…

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    >Puppies Quote

    >I was looking for a random quote (any quote) to include in a card I sent to my sister last week.  I used this one – love it “Not only is life a bitch but it is always having puppies.” ~Adrienne Gusoff All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Hi. I’m Emma.

    >I had a new carer this evening, something I suspect will be happening a lot in the next few weeks as my regular carer of the last several years moved away at the weekend.  It went a lot better than I expected, I was very nervous, but it was ok.  I’m looking forward to Friday, however, when I should have someone who last did my care more than three years ago (by my count) but who I always got on well with.  Familiar faces are always good even if there will be a lot of the new carer things like showing where things are as well.  Those are always easier…

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    >Lovely Day

    >Firstly, thank you for all the comments on the last entry.  It’s lovely to see so many new names and/or people who don’t comment regularly commenting. But really the whole point of this entry was to share that I’ve been doing lots of knitting today.  Three hours non-stop with crappy tv in the background.  Pure bliss.  And I’ve been reading, and writing letters, going for a short walk and sleeping late.  It’s been a lovely day. Yesterday went horribly wrong in the morning and I was in pain for most of the day.  But a bucket of hot chocolate (well, they call it venti, but it’s more like a bucket…

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    >An Ungrateful Entry

    >My friend Shiloh is hosting a gratefulness blog party today. I don’t feel particularly grateful at the moment and haven’t for a while.  There seems to be a lot of things going around where people do things for me that I haven’t asked for and or don’t want and then when I express that get mad with me.   One such example was a few weeks ago when a new carer told me that after her first visit to me she had spoken to the coordinators about certain issues and had discussed them in detail along with how I felt and what I thought about them.  Two problems here being…

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    >In which my life gets more and more surreal

    >OK quick survey here:  You want someone to come and do odd jobs for you and are looking at hiring them.  Maybe you want a room painted or some shelves put up. Do you A) ask friends and family for recommendations, look in the local paper if that brings up nothing or B) Accept a scrap of paper with a phone number on it from a random guy who stops you in Borders and then use him to do your jobs? Yeah, it’s A all the way.  But when I was in Borders this afternoon some guy actually interrupted me (I was looking at cards in paperchase) and tried to…