>Now I lay me down not to sleep…

>… I just get tangled in the sheets!

I wrote on the NaNo Oxfordshire forum yesterday that Who Needs Sleep by Barenaked Ladies is my NaNo song.  And I just started the video for it playing.  I never realised exactly what that first line is but now I do I think it’s not my NaNo song, it’s my everyday of my bloody life song.

Coz I ask my carers to put the sheets properly back on my bed practically every time they come… and I do it roughly myself in between times.


“I think never is enough, yeah never is enough…”

Barenaked Ladies also have a song that sums up my thoughts on the getting a new carer soon situation too.


And one that when sang with sarcasm sums up my last other carers then my (soon to leave) regular one or you lose the sarcasm and it works for my current carer (Multipurpose songs of my life! I love it!) – Thanks, That Was Fun.


Basically, it appears that BNL have a song for most aspects of my life.  Because If I Had $1,000, 000 sums it up for me too.

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