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>Because my spatial awareness isn’t great (a side effect of CP) I tend to ask people to move if I’m at all unsure of space.   I asked someone to move out of my way earlier today and they blanked me (I’m sure they did hear me) and I also thought I probably could get round them so I attemped it.  I thought it would be tight but doable in this case.

And I caught them as I did so with my powerchair.  I didn’t actually hit them properly or run them over.  I just knocked them slightly as I went past.  And I was going pretty slowly.  I doubt I hurt them although it is possible.  I probably just startled them.  Pretty much it was the same as someone brushing past you.  I apologised.

And I got screamed at by this person for do so.  My reply “I’m sorry I thought I could get round.” was met by having “are you blind?!”* screamed at me.  I honestly can’t remember how I replied.  

But I was shaking when I made it to the desk and gave the cashier my cheque to pay in.  And by the time she’d done that and handing me my paperwork back the shaking had been replaced by crying.  She was lovely and got me tissues and water and then the other cashier in there (I went to school with her kids) came over to ask if I was OK.  They asked if I had anyone with me (I didn’t) and if I would be ok and told me I had nothing to worry about.  I was calming down by that point and told them if the person I knocked thought that was bad they should see what happens when I actually hit something or someone with my powerchair for real.

I felt shaky until I got home.  And on my way home I stopped at the supermarket.  I couldn’t reach the bread and usually I just grab anyone who likes a likely candidate and say “sorry could you just grab me…” but the only people in that area then were the same gender of the person who shouted at me – and I didn’t get a look at them.  I was really worried to ask anyone for fear it would be the same person and I’d get screamed at again. But in the end I did ask someone.

*I’m annoyed with myself because right before I went to the bank I went and had my eyes tested (my prescription has barely changed and they said I didn’t desperately need new glasses although I have ordered some) – I so should have answered the “are you blind” screaming with “no, I’ve just been to the opticians and they tell me I’m not.

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