>In which my life gets more and more surreal

>OK quick survey here:  You want someone to come and do odd jobs for you and are looking at hiring them.  Maybe you want a room painted or some shelves put up.

Do you A) ask friends and family for recommendations, look in the local paper if that brings up nothing

or B) Accept a scrap of paper with a phone number on it from a random guy who stops you in Borders and then use him to do your jobs?

Yeah, it’s A all the way.  But when I was in Borders this afternoon some guy actually interrupted me (I was looking at cards in paperchase) and tried to give me a scrap of paper with his phone number and something about odd jobs on it and told me if I needed any jobs to give him a call.  I told him no thank you and refused to take it.  He walked off looking pissed off and muttering that it had taken him ages to find [something] I had the impression he meant to find me but he might have meant the scrap he’d written on.

1) Why would anyone think that’s a strategy that would work.  I could kinda see the point in doing that when you were in somewhere like B&Q or Homebase cos obviously those are DIY stores and there’s an obvious link.  But in a book shop and in the paperchase section?!  And I don’t know anyone that would think it anything like a good idea or even particularly safe to employ someone “off of the street” so to speak.

2) Why is it that people keep accosting me and doing or offering things to me that I don’t want or need OR causing me problems OR being rude to me and when I either turn them down or point out their rudeness or whatever I’m suddenly the bad guy?!


There are various petitions of the offical Prime Minister’s website.  And when one comes to an end sometimes you get an e-mail with a response if you’ve signed it and they think it worth replying.  I got one today and when I clicked on the link to read it noticed that Downing Street has a Twitter Feed.

 Once I got to reading that I found it really interesting so I added it to my “following” list.  An hour or so later I got an e-mail from Twitter “Downing Street is now following you on Twitter.”

GAH! (I actually did ARGH out loud when I read that e-mail)

 It’s almost like the Prime Minister is reading my blog.  Only not.

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