>Lovely Day

>Firstly, thank you for all the comments on the last entry.  It’s lovely to see so many new names and/or people who don’t comment regularly commenting.

But really the whole point of this entry was to share that I’ve been doing lots of knitting today.  Three hours non-stop with crappy tv in the background.  Pure bliss.  And I’ve been reading, and writing letters, going for a short walk and sleeping late.  It’s been a lovely day.

Yesterday went horribly wrong in the morning and I was in pain for most of the day.  But a bucket of hot chocolate (well, they call it venti, but it’s more like a bucket than a mug) and some chocolate chip shortbread and a book in the starbucks in borders went a long way to setting things right.  It wasn’t what I’d planned to do but it was what I could cope with after things went tits up and with those pain levels.

If it wasn’t for yesterday mornings so mad and frustrated I cried sat on the platform at the train stationand ended up in pain from cold incident it would have been a perfectly lovely weekend.  Instead just today was lovely and yesterday was salvaged but not great.

I am nervous about tomorrow.  I think it’s likely to be make or break when it comes to my mood over the last few days.  And I really hope it’s make.

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