>I am – Guest Post for the Carnival from Ricky

>If you read my comments threads you will see frequent comments from a guy called Ricky.  He wanted to share the following for the next DBC (which will be up here tomorrow).  The theme is I Am (and I will make sure he receives/sees any feedback)

I would offer something along the lines of I am more than I appear. That would sort of tie in to the entry about that rather ignorant person who thinks you should have a “proper life”. The one thing that has become a motto for me is a quote from writer Mercedes Lackey that goes; “There is no one true way.” It’s a bit philosophy I’ve adopted because my life has not followed the usual path of able bodied people.

Because of my spina bifida it’s taken me down a diffrent path that I’ve come to embrace.

[*The rather ignorant person comment relates to this entry of mine]

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