>God Love Wikipedia

>Shi and I are discussing disabilities on MSN and experiences and perspectives and stuff.  It’s really interesting.  As a part of that I was telling her about the views of a friend of mine who has Williams Syndrome.

All I really know about that condition is how it affects my friend and that it’s genetic.  But I was kinda curious so I went to the Wikipedia article (linked above).  

Which includes the quote: “It is characterised by (….) an unusually cheerful demeanor (…) a love of music (…)”

I know, it’s wikipedia and you gotta take it with a huge pinch of salt.  But I don’t know whether to find that insulting or amusing.

Clearly if you are a particularly cheerful person and love music you might just have Williams Syndrom (or at least according to Wikipedia you might)


It’s 1.32 AM.  why am I still up?!

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