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>My mum thinks I am overreacting by getting mad and saying that my carers are gossiping about me.  She doesn’t read my blog but I told her about it.

Basically, the two latest new carers have been discussing me (between themselves and with a member of the office staff as well as in front of at least one other carer so far as I can tell).  The third carer who this was all discussed in front of told me all about it yesterday.  But tells me she said nothing.  I do believe that.  I know of two things that were said about me based on what I was told.

Obviously I don’t know exactly what got said but it strikes me that one of the things there was no need to say at all because it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose.  I’m a naturally disorganised and messy person, it’s how I live and I’m happy like that.  But apparently the new carer has made comments about my house being a tip.

The second comment relates to the making an issue out of nothing incident of a few weeks ago.  And whilst I do understand why that carer raised it originally she went well over the line of what is appropriate.  And mentioning that to other carers annoys me, especially as from what got repeated to me a lot of the context/explanation I gave her got left out and just the “sensational” part was passed on.

Again, I’m going on what someone told me so I don’t know exactly.

Carers will always talk to each other about their clients.  And they will always (or should, rather, as it doesn’t seem to be happening) be briefed on thier clients.  I’ve believed for a long time that most carers don’t understand the emotional price people pay for needing them or the importance of confidentiality (and the way it should work) meaning there is no such real thing as client confidentiality in such positions – and I work generally on the principal of don’t want it repeated, don’t tell a carer.

Gossip is just a normal part of life.  I personally believe that carers should pass any information or concerns on to the office staff who should decide what to do and carers shouldn’t tell other carers.  But to be honest I’m more annoyed and bothered that I was told about it.  I’m not naive enough to think this has never happened before.  I just didn’t know about it.  So I didn’t have to deal with that knowledge and the way it made me feel.

Mum says I should let it go and she’s right but it’s hard to do.  I couldn’t explain why when she asked.  I’m just left with the feeling that based on what I was told was said about me people will think I’m some sort of spoiled brat.  And like they are making value judgements about me based on the way I chose to live.

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