>”It’s always nice to find out from a complete stranger that you’ve had a drastic lifestyle change”

>I love to joke and mess around.  It’s really fun.  But the trouble with that is it can back fire on you.  With me having different carers at the moment I’ve tamped down on the crip jokes and such around them for the time being for fear of that happening.

The majority of a group of people I know seem to think that a good friend and I are gay.  The friend in question is married and they know that but there are still rumours about it.  They’ve thought it for a long time but whether they know that we know they think it I don’t know.  (If that confusing sentence makes sense).  We joke a lot.  We joke about being disabled and about other stuff.  And we joke about the fact they think we are gay (in fact I think it was probably a joke (about something else) that made them think that back in the day oh about two years ago).

We went out to eat last night.  And she told me she had to dress nice to “take you [me] on a hot a date.”

 Then we were talking about what I am going to tell someone about why I’m not going to do something.  She suggested tell that person it was because I’d been offered sex as an alternative.  I replied “yeah I’ll tell them I’m gonna be having a lesbian love tryst with you instead.” (which I actually might tell them because they so totally wouldn’t know how to react and it would be my last chance to mess with them).

We did talk about sensible stuff too, like where her husband was and my flat and just generally stuff.  And we insulted each other lots like usual.  It was fun and I enjoyed it.

There was a couple with a little girl at the next (occupied) table.  They kept looking at us weird but I figured it was two crips in chairs by themselves type thing and didn’t really pay any attention.

I went off to the loo and when I came back she was laughing – and the other table was empty.

Turns out the little girl had tried to walk past our table and they’d grabbed her and gone “don’t go near them, they’re gay.”

I don’t really know what to make of that – I think it’s pretty funny as does my friend and my mum laughed when I told her (as well as wondering what people think of her and one of her friends).  But I’m also very aware that if it wasn’t a joke and we really were gay that probably would have been very distressing.

Anyway we finished our meal and headed home via the cinema to find out what was on if they have more than one wheelchair space in each screen and if they are together (they do/they are. but one of the women working in there so did not understand what we were saying).  Then I took a detour to walk her to her car (because I always treat my dates right) and headed home myself.


I sent an e-mail to another friend last night and told her about a load of stuff including this incident.  As she put it in the reply –

“It’s always nice to find out from a complete stranger that you’ve had a drastic lifestyle change”

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