>Amongst all the drama I forgot to title this post!

>Soooo much drama today it’s unreal. And it’s left me with no energy.  So all in I’ve gone from really excited about some possibilities to kinda low.

The short version:

Fell out of my wheelchair, bruised my bum and bashed my shoulder.  Pretty sore as a result.  Situation normal.

Mentioned it in passing to my carer and whilst falls might be just one of those things to me she then spent the hour she was here trying to convince me to go see a doctor.   And when she realised I was having none of that switched to trying to convince me to let her get a doctor out to me.  Oh and she thinks she will need to let my care agency know I had a fall (even though she wasn’t here when I fell and it was literally about six hours before she came).

She then went to leave and discovered her bike had been stolen from right by my front door.  So she was here for ages longer sorting it out.  She apologised loads for that (I told her not to worry about it) and did ask if I minded.  And I don’t really mind that but falls are draining.  So was arguing with her and then that, it just topped things off in a way I didn’t need.

Basically, I got the caster on the front of my chair snarled in something (a button that came off of my coat or a pen were the only likely culprits) and it stopped moving but the momentum carried me (and my cushion/dycem mat) out onto the floor.  The chair was still upright like usual and all that.  And I was still sat down.  Just on the floor.

I usually tell everyone that I can get myself up when I fall and if you ever find me on the floor unable to do so that’s when it’s time to panic and start worrying about doctors and all.  My mum rang while my carer was still here (having heard from my Dad that I’d taken a spill).  I said to her that I was bruised but OK but that my carer was worried I should see a doctor.  Mum’s response was what I thought it would be “wouldn’t bother”.  I really don’t think my carer understood but I told her that if I saw a doctor everytime I fell or nearly fell I’d spend more time there than anywhere else.

I’d really hoped this year was going to be the year when I didn’t fall out of my chair.  So near… but yet so far!

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