>101 in 1001- COMPLETE

>Today is day 1001 and the project is complete.

Over the course of the project I completed 51 of the 101 goals!  Which I am beyond pleased with.  

I know that a lot of people go into this determined to complete every goal.  And that would have been nice.  But I set myself goals that would stretch me, be fun, be impossible, form habits and be things I’ve always wanted to do.  I knew going in that realistically completing them all would not be something that happened.

The following is the list of the goals which were completed.  Several others I tried and failed.  Those I haven’t marked but may do with the next phase.

2. Learn not to take on so much, and to fulfil what I promise.

3 Be in bed before midnight every night for a week

4. Start tracking my finances rather than just keeping a vague idea

5. Clear out my wardrobe

11. Take every med and supplement I am supposed to daily for six weeks(completed 12.02.07)

13. Complete NaNoWriMo again

22. Go to Madrid

23. Take some time out by myself to replenish my soul

26. Join the gym

29. Go at least 72 hours without using a computer.

30. Finish unpacking from when I left uni

31. Revisit childhood memories – go to the races at Newbury

32. Sell unwanted stuff on ebay or give to charity

34. apply to be a reader-book reviewer for New Woman (done 22/03/06)

36. Dye my hair a sensible colour and keep it like that for four months.

37. See the Lion King musical

38. Go at least one day without saying anything negative about myself or anyone else.

42. Do something nice and unexpected for a stranger

44. Do something in public I’d normally be scared to do.

45. Sit outside and watch the sunrise

47. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

49. Back up my computer at least every other week

51. Put aside my guilt

52. Start and finish a cross-stitch

54. Join a writers group

55. Get a tattoo

56. Write a magazine article and have it published (DN is a possibility)


57. Give £5 to a beggar or big issue seller I like the look of.

59. Visit a sealife centre

61. Do a creative writing course

62. Relearn touch typing with the right fingers on the right keys.

66. Take more photos

68. Complete my planned favourite writings project

70. Accept my failings and weaknesses

73. Make my website everything I want it to be and more.

76. Go to a concert

77. Get a massage

78. Complete the Race for Life

79. Attempt to knit a scarf

80. Finish reading all the books on my “to read” list

83. Walk in the rain with no particular place to go
84. Make a beaded bracelet

86. Visit Liverpool

88. Make Pizza from scratch (base as well)

89. Learn to accept a compliment graciously

90. Wear more glitter.

91. Accept certain inalienable truths

92. Treat myself to a bunch of flowers

95. Leave comments on the blogs of a few famous people I admire

96. Write three letters of complaint for poor service (3/3)

99. Flirt more.

101. On Day 1001, publish a new 101 Things in 1001 

The full and complete list has been moved and can now be found here.

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