>101 in 1001 v2.0

>Tomorrow will be day 1 of my new (second) 101 in 1001 project.   Day 1001 will be Monday September 12th 2011.  

The new list is now online and can be found either by click on the link at the top or by clicking here.

With the exception of item 101, the items are listed in the order I thought of them.  I haven’t been as farfetched with this list as opposed to the old one but I stil like it.  This list was harder to write too.  

And the two unspoken goals on this list are to blog more about the things as I do/complete/try them than I did this time round and to complete more things than I did this time round (51).  But again, I’m not going into this thinking completing anything less than that/all of them is a failure.  Just a dream/goal.

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