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    >Couldn’t Resist

    >I wasn’t going to update today.  But then I went for a drink with some of the creative writing group.  And one of them told us about The Red Hot Chili Pipers.  And I couldn’t resist posting this.  It’s really not the best video when it comes to the visual side of it but the music is amazing – We Will Rock You done on Bagpipes.

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    >Sometimes you gotta sacrifice the things you like

    >For the last four years I’ve been involved in a swimming group for disabled people on a friday afternoon.  It’s mostly been great fun and I’ve got some good friends from it.  It also allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends I’d lost touch with – the session is public (although specifically for PWD and carers as necessary) and they belong to others groups which also go. I love to swim and when I first started going I was living in my old flat way out of town and struggling to get places and do things.  In short, I was very depressed (I lived there July 2004…

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    >I occasionally do online surveys or questionaires for market research companies.  They are fun and My TNS at least gives you nectar points for your trouble. I was doing one which opinion world sent to me earlier this afternoon. And I about killed myself laughing when I read the question Are you:  The householder His spouse or concubine Other All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >”I’m NEVER doing that again.”

    >For reasons only known to one person and one person only instead of getting the train to Oxford on Saturday I was sent in an accessible taxi. I’d had a phone call from Oxford Friday evening to say their lift was broken but they could let me out of another door (not public use normally) which would avoid my needing to use the broken lift.  Would that be a problem?  And I said no so long as they showed me where I was going as it would mean I was leaving from completely the opposite side of the station.  Fine, she says, I’ll walk you round to the front of…

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    >Writing a New 101 in 1001 list.

    >The 1001 days of my 101 in 1001 project end on Sunday next week (which makes this something like day 994).  For a few months I’ve been toying with a few ideas for the next one.  And I also had a few which were completed but not marked off on here. I took some time this evening to work out exactly which goals are completed, which are part way through and realistically can be easily finished by next Sunday (about another four or five – like my favourite writings project or the website one both of which need about two hours or less spending on them at their current stages…

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    >Belt Plans

    >I’m thinking about making a belt.  I need one, I’m bored of my current projects and I have loads of remnants to use up.  So it feels like a good idea. I was thinking stockinette, about six stitches and knit till it will go round me then keep going till I get bored.  Well, first I was thinking garter stitch, but I think unless it was knit sideways it might be a bit stretchy which would defeat the object.  and the very idea of knitting it sideways feels like a long job.  I like the instant gratification of seeing something grow quickly which means shorter rows rock. But then tonight…

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    >”It’s always nice to find out from a complete stranger that you’ve had a drastic lifestyle change”

    >I love to joke and mess around.  It’s really fun.  But the trouble with that is it can back fire on you.  With me having different carers at the moment I’ve tamped down on the crip jokes and such around them for the time being for fear of that happening. The majority of a group of people I know seem to think that a good friend and I are gay.  The friend in question is married and they know that but there are still rumours about it.  They’ve thought it for a long time but whether they know that we know they think it I don’t know.  (If that confusing…