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    >101 in 1001 Item 9…

    > Complete NaBloPoMo … has been completed! This is the 38th entry I’ve posted to this blog this month (of which I think 36 are public). I have enjoyed pushing myself to post everyday and I do like seeing that every day this month has a link to it on.  But it was also harder than I expected and I wouldn’t want to keep it up for too much longer. And I still think I might shut this blog down. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >FO: Witchy Blanket

    >This is the last project I started in 2008 (I started for the last time the Monday before Christmas) and is also my first FO* of 2009. I finished knitting it about ten days ago. Then my mum sowed it together for me. And ever since I’ve been going “where are my bloody camera leads?!” The pattern technically is for a shawl (and I have previous knitted a shawl using it) – Swamp Witch. I was going to just do a stockinette blanket but I got bored so I frogged it and revisited this old favourite pattern. I skipped the fringe just like when I made it before otherwise I…

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    >The Vagina Monologues, Vagina Pagina, etc

    >When I was surfing the blogcarnival site the other day I noticed the featured carnival was Advice for Women from Women.  Which is hosted on the blog of the same name. I’ve read a few posts from the last edition and they seem interesting.  At my first glance of the carnival I thought not much would be relevant or would appeal to be.  But this seems to be a very large carnival and as I scrolled further down I did find interesting posts on reusable menstrual products and also on letter writing amongst other things.  Hopefully when I have more time I will remember to go back and read more. And…

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    >I’m really enjoying my contemporary knitting course and I’m pretty much decided I will sign up again for the next five weeks when this one finishes (two more weeks).  In fact I would have done so today if not for the fact that when I went to get my card out I discovered I’d left it here. I’m currently working on a random piece which I just plan to make a piece of art and hang on the wall (probably in my bedroom but maybe in the hall).  Some people have projects in mind or are using anything at all.  I’m knitting with anything at all as long as it’s…

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    >Here and Now

    >You know when you know that soon something won’t matter?  That tomorrow morning or maybe the next day you’ll wake up and certain frustrations and upsets will just totally be a thing of the past?  And you know that good things are going to come from this hurt? It helps… but it doesn’t help in the here and now. Tomorrow will be here soon and it will be better. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >No Deja Vu

    >I remembered this blog entry last night – Deja Vu And I remembered it with relief and no small degree of happiness. Because this years version of that meal was last Wednesday. And whilst the access was crap and I was struggling and people got a bit of an education about that – there is no other name on that list or at least no recent addition. And I didn’t spend the meal educating and talking about disability rights etc. I’m happy it went so well I forgot about that hope. And even happier that long ago hope came true. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise…

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    >Thing A Day

    >I realised the other day that this month wasn’t a good one for me to have chosen to do NaBloPoMo.  I have been enjoying it.  I like looking at the calender over in the sidebar and seeing everyday of this month so far has a link indicating an entry (or more than one!).  But I’ve also been looking forward to going back to my usual day or so off every now and then random schedule of blogging.   However as another part of my 101 in 1001 list, I’m also committed to participating in Thing a Day this year.  Which is in February.  And part of that challenge?  Blogging everyday…

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    >Change of Heart ~ Jodi Picoult

    >I’ve come to the conclusion that for want of spoilers (and given that I just learned how to do so) I will put the body of most of these book entries behind a cut tag.  I’ve retconned all of the entries I’ve done on this so far this year so hopefully you can choose whether to be spoiled or not. Jodi Picoult is almost definitely my favourite author.  When we started the Creative Writing course (both times) you had to introduce yourself  to the person sitting next to you then they introduced you to the group.  Both in September and then when we restarted in January one of the questions…

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    >A week in the life of a moaning minnie constructive complainer

    >I’ve sent multiple e-mails of complaints about things this week.  I’m a complainer and I kinda like it because if we don’t complain how will things change? I e-mailed my care agency and really threw my toys out of the pram so to speak over an issue.  They reply that they have noted my comments and will be discussing them.  Good.  They didn’t apologise which is a little annoying but given I fully expected (from past experience) they wouldn’t reply… I did kinda feel like I was going over the top in what I said but it was what I felt and sometimes making nice doesn’t get results.  The thing…

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    >How to Knit

    >One of my blog readers sent me an e-mail the other day saying that they’d been out and bought needles and wool and wanted to learn to knit having been inspired by what I write about it.  They wanted to know if I knew any good websites. knittinghelp.com has great videos which show different techniques.  Not all have sound which can make things a little difficult.  A friend and my mum both helped me to learn – my first project they did the casting on, the adding of yarn and the casting off and I did the actual knitting.   They both cast on for me several times as I…