>NaBloPoMo Day Two: Knitting, mostly

>Both yesterday and today were supposed to be days when I did lots of knitting.  Neither have been.  In fact I did no crafts at all yesterday.  Today does look promising for knitting however as NCIS is on five later and I will knit whilst watching that.

I’m knitting a blanket and it’s quite quick going when I actually find the time to sit down and do some.  I have one panel done and two more to do plus a border if I decide it needs one.  I will have remnants of one of the yarn left over when the panels are done which I think will be enough for a border of sorts albeit it a narrow one  most likely.  I suspect width wise it won’t need it but in terms of length it might unless I want to use it as a lapghan. 

The idea was supposed to be that the blanket is for my bed (which it will be) and that I’m also having a new duvet and pillows and a new duvet cover.  I tried to pick those up today but most of what I wanted was out of stock in argos.

The arts centre here are going to be running a beginners knitting class and also a contemporary knitting class starting soon.  I tried to go find out about those today (and also sign up for creative writing again) but they are still closed until Tuesday.  

I am a knitter and I love to knit but I don’t consider myself very skilled.  The beginners class talks of knitting a garment in class and beyond things like scarfs and bags and shawls and bags I’ve not done any adventurous knitting like that.  There are also a lot of different cast on and other techniques I don’t know.  But I’m not strictly speaking a beginner – because purl, knit, one sort of cast on, cast off, yarn overs, knit 2 together, I can do all that.  

The contemporary knitting sounds really fun and this is what it says about it:

Make unusual and unique pieces of knitting of your own creation and choice using a variety of materials such as metallic thread, fabric, raffia and more, plus knit with giant knitting needles.

That’s something I’d love to do.  But I can’t help thinking that maybe I’m not quite there yet and I’m in fact somewhere between the two courses as a knitter.  So whilst I do hope to do one of the courses, I feel unsure and I need more information.

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