>Facebook, Distilled

>I have a real love hate relationship with Facebook.  I love the fact that it’s allowed me to reconnect (and in some cases meet up with) old friends who I had previously lose contact with.  And it does make it easier to keep in touch with certain friends via facebook too.

But I also hate the fact that every so often I read what other people are doing and it makes me sad… because it makes me see what they have in their lives and how they are doing things I would love to do like working and having kids and in relationships and I’m not.  It doesn’t always make me sad but it does at times.  My mum says they probably look at my profile and see how I live alone and volunteer and do creative writing and sail and all that and see things they wish they had in their lives.  She’s probably right, in fact I’m sure she is.  But it still isn’t easy.

The worst and most annoying thing about facebook however is all the invitations and crap that people send you with it.  I ignore the majority of it and I try not to send too much unless I think it’s personal to certain friends.  It’s marketing and it’s some what annoying because that’s all it is in the most part and people don’t always see that.

I just saw this comic linked to on Facebook:  Facebook, Distilled.

Love it.  Sums up completely what I think about all that stuff and is pretty funny too.

I don’t know if that’s an accessible image so just in case.  It’s a “facebook page” for adding an application.  The application is called “you’ve been marketed too.” and where it would usually say Friends name sent a whatever via such and such.  It says “Some Douche sent an intrusion via Marketing.”  And the spiel is about how they know the marketing is annoying but they don’t care.  There are loads of little details as well which just really add to it, get the point accross and are also pretty funny.

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