>The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama

>I don’t want to say this is a habit that’s going to stick but this is the third book I’ve read this year and when I tried this last year I only reviewed two books.  So it’s promising and I’m doing better than last year.

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama was a Christmas present.  Not a book I’d asked for or even paid much attention too, just a surprise gift.  I’d seen it in the shops but I don’t think I’d even read the back properly.

It’s a really great, quick but gripping read.  It’s set in modern day India along with the wonderful tale and it’s character led action (you can’t help but grow to love the characters) it provides a wonderful insight into just what Indian culture is like in this day and age.  Very interesting and I must say I hadn’t realised it was like that – to start with I thought it was set at some point in the past but the references to cell phones soon proved otherwise.

Lovely book and very enjoyable.  Definitely a very realistic and true to live story but also a real love story at the same time.  And the MC did not fall in love who I thought she would – but for a much better match for her, making the story that much better.  I’d really enjoy a sequel if one was written.

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