>Contemporary Knitting

>I started my contemporary knitting course this morning.  It was fun.  Especially as it turns out one of the people who did creative writing last time round has decided to do the knitting instead this time round.  So I was chatting to her and it was lovely to see her.

Contemporary knitting is knitting with all sorts of things other than wool/yarn.  Today we did knitting with raffia which was tricky and a little frustrating as you have to add new bits on all the time and I kept snapping the bits.  But it does look good and was fun to do.  I’d like to give it another go sometime.

I think the plan is to take some material next week and cut it into strips and use that for knitting.   I would probably need help with the strip cutting however so I was wondering about maybe taking ribbon instead.  I said to the tutor about needing help with that part and she said we could do it there.  But I wasn’t the only one who said that and I’m not convinced she understood that for me it wasn’t the “how to” but the physically “cutting” it I might struggle with.  Mum did say however that if I got cotton you can make one cut then rip it.  So I will have to think about it.

Thoughts or advice on that are welcome.

Other things she mentioned you can use to make yarn are carrier bags, wire and human hair (and mum says she’s heard of people knitting with their dogs hair).  I’ve been googling and there is a Dutch woman who has done whole exhibitions of knitted art work made from human hair.  The pictures were incredibly but I can’t help finding the whole thing rather macabre and uncomfortable making.

I’d like to give the wire and the carrier bags a go.  But I’ll skip the hair.  Not least because mine is much too short!

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