>I just spoke to the journeycare booking line (well they call it assisted travel now but I prefer journeycare).  I spoke to them earlier in the week and I will say the new system works great so far.

Anyway the guy found me on their system and was all “this is a regular journey for you then.”  Which not it is necessarily in terms the times and dates but definitely in terms of the places.  My earlier call to them on Monday was for me to do the same journey.

Then he asked the nature of the assistance.  And for some reason I was soooo tempted to go “well you’ll see on your records that I’m usually a wheelchair user but I thought that tomorrow I’d leave the wheelchair at home and travel as a blind person instead.”

But I didn’t because I am sarcastic… but not so sarcastic to say things like that to someone I don’t know (I just blog them instead).

Oh and moving from blind to blinds…

I got a quote for blinds for my bedroom on Wednesday and I just called and ordered them!  I am excited about this because when I moved in to the flat I put the old curtains up “for now” planning to replace them with blinds soon.  Three years is pretty soon, right?

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