>Star Trek Destiny (Book Three) – Lost Souls by David Mack

>I have to say I love this trilogy of Star Trek books.  When I saw they were written by David Mack I knew it would be good but I was still surprised by how good.  My only complaint is that having found a copy of book two on sale in Borders a few weeks before it should have been released I ended up reading the first two back to back and then waiting since November for this one to come out at the beginning of this month (and then until this week to get it as they didn’t have it locally).

I love all the character based and character driven stuff in this book, particularly the vulnerability of Picard towards the end.  And the fact both he and Riker get a bit less “stiff upper lip” is brilliant.

And they actually killed off the borg once and for all (having just typed this it occurs to me that my plan to review all books I read this year is a good one but these reviews should come with spoiler warnings.  too late now tho).  Which totally surprised me.  The borg may have become a little over done in some ways with the amount they were in Voyager but I never expected them to actually be killed off.  I suspect however that we haven’t seen the last of them, especially seeing as Kathryn Janeway was taken by the borg in… Before Dishonour (Peter David) I think it was or it might have been Greater Than The Sum (Christopher Bennett)…. and I thought that wasn’t the end of that character but as yet nothing has been done about it.

Book Two ends of a big cliffhanger with one of the reptilian doctors biting Deanna.   The one disappointment of this books was how that was resolved.  It turns out it was to save her life and suddenly everyone goes from “Oh my god that’s so bad” to  “oh ok then” and she even thanks him.  I didn’t like that.  But unrealistic as it is,  it is a typical Star Trek response.

I think that the end of the trilogy also ends this arc (six books in total)  although I would like to see a little more.  I have a feeling a Star Trek Titan book is the next post “Next Generation” release.  Those are usually good.

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