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>I realised the other day that this month wasn’t a good one for me to have chosen to do NaBloPoMo.  I have been enjoying it.  I like looking at the calender over in the sidebar and seeing everyday of this month so far has a link indicating an entry (or more than one!).  But I’ve also been looking forward to going back to my usual day or so off every now and then random schedule of blogging.  

However as another part of my 101 in 1001 list, I’m also committed to participating in Thing a Day this year.  Which is in February.  And part of that challenge?  Blogging everyday on their site about your efforts.  Meaning when I committed to blogging everyday for a month with no breaks, I actually without realising it committed to blogging everyday with no breaks for two months.  Oh well.

So… daily blogging will continue next month but may not be here.  I may cross post but I’m not sure.  The only posts which will definitely be here and only be here are my book posts as and when I finish reading books (until such time as I get annoyed with doing them).  And the other weekly type post I’m going to start doing as soon as I find the leads to my camera (hopefully tomorrow will be the day that all is revealed).

I tried Thing a Day last year and enjoyed it but didn’t manage it.  This year I’ve had a lot more time to plot and plan in advance so I have more ideas and am going to do it.  I think the challenge (to create something from scratch each day) is a great one for me and will stretch me in many ways.  Something which I think can only be good.

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