>I’m really enjoying my contemporary knitting course and I’m pretty much decided I will sign up again for the next five weeks when this one finishes (two more weeks).  In fact I would have done so today if not for the fact that when I went to get my card out I discovered I’d left it here.

I’m currently working on a random piece which I just plan to make a piece of art and hang on the wall (probably in my bedroom but maybe in the hall).  Some people have projects in mind or are using anything at all.  I’m knitting with anything at all as long as it’s Green.

So far I’ve used ric rac, thin ribbon, tapestry wool and raffia.  I’ve got more ribbon (both thin and thicker) and tapestry wool to use as well as cross stitch thread, some left over DK and a load of green beads.  Oh and one of the others in the class cut up half a green bin bag and let me have the other half.

I’m doing the same number of stitches and on the same needles but it’s interesting to see how different it comes out each time.

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