>The Vagina Monologues, Vagina Pagina, etc

>When I was surfing the blogcarnival site the other day I noticed the featured carnival was Advice for Women from Women.  Which is hosted on the blog of the same name.

I’ve read a few posts from the last edition and they seem interesting.  At my first glance of the carnival I thought not much would be relevant or would appeal to be.  But this seems to be a very large carnival and as I scrolled further down I did find interesting posts on reusable menstrual products and also on letter writing amongst other things.  Hopefully when I have more time I will remember to go back and read more.

And seeing that carnival reminded me that for ages I’ve been meaning to share the link for Vagina Pagina (literal translation: vagina page).  

This is  great community over on livejournal and it’s own domain as well.  It has an absolute wealth of information and advice for women about health and other feminine issues.  There is a similar community for men but I don’t know it.

It’s a designated safe space and you can literally ask any question and get support, advice, encouragement whatever.  There’s fun stuff too.

You can leave your post open so anyone can read it or lock it so only community members have access.  People post for friends too sometimes and occasionally a VP maintainer will post for someone who wants to remain totally anonymous.

I always learn a lot when I go there and I’ve never felt uncomfortable posting on the few times I have.

Also, going off on a slight tangent I was going through Pasta Queen’s “best of section” and came across this entry showing the very fun cakes she made for a friend who took part in the Vagina Monologues.  I totally love them but you might not want to click on the link if you have kids around or your boss or something.  I love how she celebrated feminity and all things female in the form of cakes!

Oh and finally, most of you will know that I love The Vagina Monologues but in case you haven’t see my entries on it, this is the show  and the book entry is here

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