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>FO: Witchy Blanket

>This is the last project I started in 2008 (I started for the last time the Monday before Christmas) and is also my first FO* of 2009. I finished knitting it about ten days ago. Then my mum sowed it together for me. And ever since I’ve been going “where are my bloody camera leads?!”

The pattern technically is for a shawl (and I have previous knitted a shawl using it) – Swamp Witch. I was going to just do a stockinette blanket but I got bored so I frogged it and revisited this old favourite pattern.

I skipped the fringe just like when I made it before otherwise I followed the pattern. I used Sirdar Bigga and Sirdar Demin Ultra held together throughout. Six balls of the Bigga and the demin ultra balls have more yardage per ball but to save on having to keep adding in yarn and to have less ends to weave in (another job mum did! yay!) I started new balls of each yarn each time I added on. So there are six lots of denim ultra remnants in my stash at present, maybe enough to make a scarf of similar. I made two, it was going to be three but I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn. Something I did consider was using the remnants of the denim ultra to knit a border (just a thin one in plain garter stitch) but I don’t think it needs it.

If I knit another blanket in this or another pattern I would probably use a long circular needle so I could knit it as one piece and skip the seaming/sowing together. Must admit to being a little annoyed I didn’t think of that sooner! Particularly as I have seen several people post about using circs to avoid seaming over on ravelry.

Final note is that I think these photos have a blue-ish look to them but the yarns are actually light purple colours. The denim ultra is called Lilac frost, I think and the Bigga is just “lilac” if memory serves.

Blanket in it's entirety spread over the floor
Blanket in it's entirety spread over the floor




Close up on the stitches of the blanket
Close up on the stitches of the blanket

*FO = Finished Object

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