>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Two: Paper Yarn


I’m taking a contemporary knitting class.  And one of the things we’ve talked about knitting with is paper.  So today I had a go at making some yarn out of paper.  That took less time than I thought so I also tried adding it into my knitting project.

I’m knitting a wall hanging with anything I can get my hands on that might be vaguely knittable and is green.  So far I’ve used ric rac, ribbon, raffia and tapestry wool.  I also intend to try sequins, gift ribbon, plastic bags, and cross stitch thread. We’ve also talked about how to add beads to your knitting so I might try that too.

Anyway, paper intrigued me.  The tutor originally mentioned tissue paper but I don’t have any that’s green and it struck me as easily ripped.  And I do have a load of green a4 paper which seemed slightly more robust.  So out came the pinking shears and the pritt stick.  I cut a load of stips and glued them end to end.  It definitely looked pretty good.

It does rip easily, I ripped it a couple of times when I was first trying it out.  And I really hate how messy it looks when knitted.  I think I cut the strips much too thick… they weren’t easy to knit with and I’m wondering if thinner might be easier/better.  I will probably rip it back.

But I am very pleased I gave this a go.

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