>Thing A Day 2009 – Day Five: Beaded Bracelet

>No photos today, I can’t get one where the flash isn’t overpowering and washes the colours out.  In fact if anyone has any photography tips for me in general that would be great.  Anyway I shall try to take a photo tomorrow in the daylight and add it back here if I can.

Back in late 2006/most of 2007 I did a lot of beading and made many many elasticated bracelets.  And then although I loved doing them I let the interest slip as I have many things.  In fact all of last year, the only beading I did was to restring a couple of gemstone type bracelets which belonged to a friend after the elastic wore out.

But just before Christmas I decided I’d like to take it up again and I ordered a load of beads from ebay.  And today I had great fun playing with them and making a bracelet.

This is a link to the ebay listing for the beads I used so you can see what they looked like

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