>Change is coming

>After Friday I won’t be having carers any more, I gave the agency one weeks notice last week that I won’t be needing them. 

It’s been a decision I’ve been considering for some time (and maybe should have made sooner) and it’s definitely the right one.  I must admit however that it does make me a little apprehensive and sad because there have been a lot of niggles and there are many reasons why this has to happen but there are a couple of people involved I will miss.

I’m going to be getting a cleaner but that isn’t sorted out quite yet… I need to get a couple more quotes to compare with the one I have/cost of getting a different care agency.  The rational sensible person in me had planned to properly investigate costs etc and then decide if getting a cleaner or keep having carers was the better option and get it all set up and ready before making any changes.

Then the impulsive side of me kicked in and I got so angry and annoyed and frustrated with the care agency.  I decided enough was enough, and just gave them notice.  Which totally works out as being the right thing because if I’d waited to get it all arranged I’m not sure it would have happened… still not overally happy with certain things that happened but it’s in the past and after this week I don’t have to deal with them again.

And having a cleaner as opposed to a different care agency is the right choice for me right now… because they know the jobs I need to do, they don’t know disability.  So disability gets taken out of the equation and I shouldn’t have to deal with all the crap that goes on from that point of view with carers.

If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.  But for the time being this is something I have to try.

And changing the subject slightly, although I don’t want to go down the route of another care agency I did spend some time reading up on other local agencies on the CSCI website.  Where I discovered that the CSCI do not have the power to investigate individual complaints.  Which really makes me wonder why their called the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate or even what the point of them is.

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