>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Eleven: Icon

>green flashing icon.

A new icon I made for my rarely used LJ and a few other online places. It uses free digi scrapping embellishments and rotates slowly through the images. I recoloured one of the embellishments.

This is a bit of a scrapping the bottom of the barrel “thing”,  I had very little inspiration or motivation today.  But I have been using LJ a bit more on various communities etc and have been very bored with my old icons most of which are various shades of pink and purple and very flashy.  Which is why this is green (I still love pink and purple but am on a bit of a green kick at the moment) and flashes very slowly (every five seconds).  I originally set it to a longer rotate sequence but it felt too long between changes.

I must admit I’m not overally happy with this.

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