>Two “things”


I never got here to update on thing a day yesterday.  I had planned to use whatever exercise we did during my creative writing class as my thing but it was cancelled.  So I did some journalling by hand instead.  I may scan that on and post it to my blog but I haven’t yet.

And today I’ve done more colouring.  I cut most of the outlying white space off of this one (there is some white space in the middle of it still).  I like the way it looks now I’ve changed the shape of the paper (cut round the outline of the coloured bits which makes it all pointy like.  If I could remember where my black a4 card is I would stick it on a pece.

I’m sort of toying with the idea of putting some of the colouring I’ve done up on one of my cupboard doors to make it more interesting.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more energy and inspiration for this project now the stressful stuff that’s been consuming my energy is done with.

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