>25 things you (maybe) don’t know about me

>I’ve been avoiding doing this on facebook but I’m tempted now.  I’ve been a blogger for so long however I don’t know how many of these actually are new.

  1. I don’t like February
  2. I’ve given up on Thing a Day for this year as I have little motivation for it (or much to be honest) at present due to high stress levels.
  3. When things go wrong I tend to get angry but if people admit their mistakes AND apologise it bothers me less than if they don’t
  4. Sometimes I wonder if things would be easier if I had an acquired disability rather than a life long one.  I suspect it boils down to the same thing but I do wonder.
  5. Sometimes I get really het up about things that don’t matter because I know they don’t matter really but it’s the principal of the thing
  6. Tomorrow I really must make a doctors appt to discuss my depression
  7. I often think I know best but then get proved wrong
  8. Lately I get really… something… about all the people I see on facebook announcing their engagements/weddings/pregnancies and I wonder when it will be my turn (kids more than anything else)
  9. I miss being in counselling which I suspect is a sign that I don’t really need it but I would say yes if offered the opportunity to go back
  10. I can be easily influenced
  11. I can’t see my desk for piles of crap mostly rubbish that will get binned when I clear it off tomorrow
  12. I’ve been wanting to do some scrapbooking for months but haven’t got round to it
  13. I’m really into the Thunderbirds tv show, was when I was a kid and rediscovered it this time last year.  
  14. I like reading medical and disability blogs but some disability blogs leave me feeling that I don’t feel strongly enough about certain issues.
  15. At times I miss living in a city
  16. I fought against getting a powerchair for so long and cried when circumstances forced me to get one (when I was going to be living in the middle of nowhere).  Now I love it and I will struggle to cope without it for the three days I won’t have it next week.
  17. But I also really hate the fact I’ve lost so much of my strength and stamina since I’ve had powerchairs.
  18. Sometimes I am secretly shocked at the differences between what some of my friends do and what I do.
  19. My library books are two and a half weeks overdue (and unread)
  20. Several times lately I’ve thought I’ve seen an old acquaintance working somewhere but not had the nerve to actually see if it is who I think it is.
  21. I went shopping in the same place both Saturday and Sunday this week
  22. I plan but I often don’t follow through
  23. Most people see me as different to how I see myself.  Usually, stronger.
  24. I want to change the world but I don’t know how to achieve my goals
  25. The bottle of mystic violet hairdye has been sat on my shelf so long my previous lot of the same colour has grown out in all but the tips of my hair.

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