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Take a crafty course at the Arts Centre

… has been completed!

My contemporary knitting class finished this morning. I’ve had great fun with it and have learned a lot about thinking outside the box when it comes to knitting.

And also some new skills. I was particularly glad to do “deliberate holes” today because whilst I know how to do that with k2tog and yarnover combinations, I’d seen PSSO on a lot of patterns and whilst I knew what it meant I didn’t get how to do it or even realise that was a technique for holes. So seeing someone show me several times was really great.

I need to have a go at several of the skills I’ve learned, the only one I’ve tried is using DPN’s which I still can’t quite get.

It’s actually not the end of contemporary knitting for me as it was meant to be two five week classes with this week off in between for half term. But we missed a week due to the snow so it ran this week (although with only two of us and the tutor instead of five) and I signed up for the second lot.

Originally we thought that there would be four of the five from this time doing the course again starting next week. Turns out however talking to the people in the centre that only two of us are repeating and a bunch of new people. So she will show them the stuff we’ve done and maybe try and get some new stuff in too.

I really pleased because to be honest, this second time round for me is going to be less about the class as such and more about the hanging out for an hour knitting and chatting. Although I do appreciate and love the learning new things and help doing stuff as well.

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