>101 in 1001 Item 39…


Go shopping at Hobbycraft

…has been completed!

That place is sooo much fun.  We were in there an hour and a half and probably could have stayed a bit longer.

I bought loads of beads, and wire, and earring hooks.  And I bought crepe paper and crayons.  And I bought a load (3 balls) of sirdar denim ultra (which if you’ve been keeping up is one of my favourite yarns) for dirt cheap.  Oh and a yarn needle which I’ve been sort of needing but never spotted at the time I thought of it.  oh and two balls of DK, i knew there was at least one other thing!

Mum bought a load of stuff too.

And one of the best bits?  I had more stuff than she did and she was convinced I’d spent more that she had but I’d actually spent a lot yes.  I was rather pleased by that.  Probably more so than I should have been.

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