>101 in 1001 Item 57…


Start a memory/keepsake box

…has been completed!

I’ve had my eye out for just the right box for a while.  Thought I’d seen it but it was pretty pricy (being Laura Ashley it was nice but it would have meant paying for the name) so I was wondering and looking still.  And on Saturday I spotted just the right one.

And my Dad went and got it for me when we were in Reading again on Sunday (yes, I went both days this last weekend).  I was really pleased too because I thought it was £13.99 but it turns out it was only £8.99.  Did lead to a slightly confused Emma when he gave me a fiver as part of my change though…

So far I have mostly theatre programmes to go in there.  But I have some old letters I want to add.  I just need to find some time to hunt them all out and put it together.  Still actually buying the box was the big thing so I’m counting this one as done.

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