>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Eleven: Icon

>green flashing icon.

A new icon I made for my rarely used LJ and a few other online places. It uses free digi scrapping embellishments and rotates slowly through the images. I recoloured one of the embellishments.

This is a bit of a scrapping the bottom of the barrel “thing”,  I had very little inspiration or motivation today.  But I have been using LJ a bit more on various communities etc and have been very bored with my old icons most of which are various shades of pink and purple and very flashy.  Which is why this is green (I still love pink and purple but am on a bit of a green kick at the moment) and flashes very slowly (every five seconds).  I originally set it to a longer rotate sequence but it felt too long between changes.

I must admit I’m not overally happy with this.

>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Ten: Colouring, Again.

>This one is fit to be shown to the world so here goes…

Another doodle colouring book sheet.  Coloured in with felt tip pens.  Kinda accidental colour choices as I wasn't paying attention to which pen I had picked up to start with.
Another doodle colouring book sheet. Coloured in with felt pens. Kinda accidental colour choices as I wasn't paying attention to which pen I had picked up to start with.

>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Nine: Collage of a Sort


An old photo taken on one my sailing holidays deconstructed and made into a collage on some navy blue card
An old photo taken on one my sailing holidays deconstructed and made into a collage on some navy blue card

I was reading a book (a memoir) the other day and it was talking about making collages with some kids.  And I’ve been wondering for a while what would happen if you took a photo, cut it up and then stuck the pieces back together on a piece of card.  So the two together just cried out to be done.

I quite like how this looks.  Looks cool from a distance which this photo doesn’t really show.  Easy, quick, and fun which makes it the perfect Thing for Thing a Day.

>Change is coming

>After Friday I won’t be having carers any more, I gave the agency one weeks notice last week that I won’t be needing them. 

It’s been a decision I’ve been considering for some time (and maybe should have made sooner) and it’s definitely the right one.  I must admit however that it does make me a little apprehensive and sad because there have been a lot of niggles and there are many reasons why this has to happen but there are a couple of people involved I will miss.

I’m going to be getting a cleaner but that isn’t sorted out quite yet… I need to get a couple more quotes to compare with the one I have/cost of getting a different care agency.  The rational sensible person in me had planned to properly investigate costs etc and then decide if getting a cleaner or keep having carers was the better option and get it all set up and ready before making any changes.

Then the impulsive side of me kicked in and I got so angry and annoyed and frustrated with the care agency.  I decided enough was enough, and just gave them notice.  Which totally works out as being the right thing because if I’d waited to get it all arranged I’m not sure it would have happened… still not overally happy with certain things that happened but it’s in the past and after this week I don’t have to deal with them again.

And having a cleaner as opposed to a different care agency is the right choice for me right now… because they know the jobs I need to do, they don’t know disability.  So disability gets taken out of the equation and I shouldn’t have to deal with all the crap that goes on from that point of view with carers.

If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.  But for the time being this is something I have to try.

And changing the subject slightly, although I don’t want to go down the route of another care agency I did spend some time reading up on other local agencies on the CSCI website.  Where I discovered that the CSCI do not have the power to investigate individual complaints.  Which really makes me wonder why their called the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate or even what the point of them is.

>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Eight: i-cord

>As I posted earlier in the week I’m taking a contemporary knitting class and working on a wall hanging as a part of that.  I have no real plan for it (other than “green”) but the panel I’m working on is getting really long.  And as it’s pretty thin – 10 stitches but it’s actual width varies in and out depending on the materials I’m working with I started thinking about casting off the current piece and starting a second one.

But then came the question of how to join or otherwise link the two together.  I don’t really like seaming (although I can easily do it) and anyway this is supposed to be a contemporary piece – seaming is a little too “usual” or “normal” for that.

And my mum was saying she had a ball of bright green yarn she could donate to the cause so to speak.  My Dad dropped it in this morning.  So last night i was thinking what I could do with this bright green yarn.  And about the joining question.

I started thinking i-cord (explaination towards the bottom of that page).  I’ve never really made i-cord before, I’ve had goes at it but I’ve never done more that a few rows of it.

Well, I’ve now decided that I love i-cord.  It’s so quick and fun to make and it looks great too.  I will probably make a few other pieces in different shades and/or of different lengths to add to the piece.


Green i-cord (type of knitting, the i stands for "idiot" i think).  This is between 25 and 30 inches long, I couldn't measure it quite accurately
Green i-cord (a type of knitting, the i stands for "idiot" i think). This is between 25 and 30 inches long, I couldn't measure it quite accurately

>Thing A Day 2009 – Day Seven: New Header Image


I attempted to put a new customised version of kubrick on my blog as the layout as my thing today (and in fact for a while had one of my older customisations up – the one I did as one of my things during my failed attempt at thing a day in 2008).  

I thought I had saved the version of the sidebar where I’d taken it to pieces and made it more me about a year and a half ago so all I would have to change were images, fonts and colours and maybe a few other tweaks (like my twitter feed)  but it appears not.  And I have neither the energy nor the inclination to do that from scratch tonight.

So I made a new header image for this layout.  This layout contains a rotating header script which I love because it means the layout is different many of the times people come to my blog (I have seven headers I think) but for the time being I have deleted all but the new one.  I will add them back on here in a few days.

It’s a picture of a firework going off which I took a few years ago (either 2005 or 2006 I think).  I forgotten about it but just found it tonight when I was going through old photos looking for one to use for a new header.

The quote underneath it says:

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand… and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.”

Marie Beyon Ray 

>Thing a Day 2009 – Day Six: Colouring!


My mum bought me one of those doodle pad type colouring books for Christmas along with some felt tip pens.  And so today as my “thing” I spent a happy half an hour or so colouring.

It was very relaxing and distracting, something I needed after a somewhat frustrating and emotional day.  I like how it looks (colours etc) but I smudged it quite a lot and it doesn’t look great so I won’t share a photo of it.  It’s been a long time since I worked with felt tip pens and it appears I forgot about watching where my hands were.  We’ll call that a learning curve.

I might do another later on in the month though and share that.

>101 in 1001 – Item 87…

>[I got a phone call in the middle of this which has left me quite pleased and even excited.  Came back, type some more and hit save and god only knows where all the text has gone!]

Spend an entire day in my pyjamas

… has been completed.

May as well not bother to get dressed when the snow means I can’t leave the house.  In fact I’ve been in since Wednesday aftenoon, in my pyjamas since Wednesday night and I only just took a shower and got dressed about an hour ago.

It was quite relaxing and fun but I must admit that by lunchtime today I was feeling kinda skanky (or rather a lot skanky).  The long hot shower I just in was lovely too.

>Thing A Day 2009 – Day Five: Beaded Bracelet

>No photos today, I can’t get one where the flash isn’t overpowering and washes the colours out.  In fact if anyone has any photography tips for me in general that would be great.  Anyway I shall try to take a photo tomorrow in the daylight and add it back here if I can.

Back in late 2006/most of 2007 I did a lot of beading and made many many elasticated bracelets.  And then although I loved doing them I let the interest slip as I have many things.  In fact all of last year, the only beading I did was to restring a couple of gemstone type bracelets which belonged to a friend after the elastic wore out.

But just before Christmas I decided I’d like to take it up again and I ordered a load of beads from ebay.  And today I had great fun playing with them and making a bracelet.

This is a link to the ebay listing for the beads I used so you can see what they looked like