>I’ve decided that it’s time I rejoin the Healthy You challenge.  A particularly good time as I never weighed myself at the weekend didn’t have time yesterday.

I did weigh myself this morning, however, and I was down 3lb from the last time I weighed (Saturday before last so ten days ago) and 5lb overall this year.

I have a serious long way to go on weightloss, realistically I need to lose a total of 98lb (although I’d be very happy with any weightloss and would probably consider myself done at 80-84lb lost if it came to it).  

There’s a big difference between what the charts etc and convention would suggest is a healthy weight for me and what I actually think is a happy weight for me.  Based on the charts I need to lose more than the 98lb than my goal (probably 107lb?) but I’ve been told that the charts are unrealistic for a wheelchair user, particularly given pressure issues etc.  So I’m saying 98lb but I know the weight losing 80-84lb gets me to was a happy weight for me before.

And my sisters 21st birthday party is in May, my short term goal if I can manage it (and i think it’s realistic) is to lose another 16lb by then.

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