>Originally written 1st July, 2008


The jingle jangle of the boats waiting, alone
Hoping some day their sailor will come.
Secret meaning
Hidden from the world
At large.

So obvious!
So true

So freeing
So happy

And yet so hidden
hard to find unless you look
beyond what it at first seems

Boring they say
They don’t know

Not many do.
But oh how those that do
Look and laugh
free and fast.

Some lucky few have friends
Who push
Who nag
Who share
Who care.

The naysayers give in
And give it a go
“just this once”
they say

Three years later
She looks,
She laughs
She is free
flying fast
water pounds
Sails flap and sounds.

So happy
So grateful
Such a part of me.

Sounds of the water and the sight of the sea
The jingle jangle of the boats no longer waiting
The sailor has come.

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