>Everything Still Remains The Same

>Weekly check in for the weight loss – same weight as last week.  I knew that had to come soon as I’ve really been doing what feels like very little in terms of changes and I’m not disappointed.  Particularly as I have been getting over my cold still.  I’m better but still a bit congested and coughing at times.  Nowhere near as badly as I was although people have been commenting that I have a bad cough (they should have heard me last week!)

I did wheel myself a lot in my chair when we were at the half marathon on Sunday.  Unfortunately some stupidly steep ramps and one point where my dad was flapping that we needed to be faster and started pushing me and wouldn’t stop when asked meant that I didn’t reach my goal of wheeling myself whenever it was needed/possible/feasible there.  The fact that the ramps stopped me is a fact of life although I will raise that point with them as safety issues.  The second really frustrates me as to me there was no need to be concerned about how fast we were (dad was worried they were going to shut one of the access points and in particular the wheelchair accessible one) but now I know what his concern was it is still frustrating but more understandable.  And I’m not overly slow wheeling my chair.  Not unless you compare me to the wheelchair athletes who did the half marathon.  But still nothing I can do about that now…

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