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Investigate getting a cleaner rather than carers

… has been completed!

I’ve not had carers in about five, six weeks now.  And I friday I finally got cleaners set up to come instead.  They’ll be starting not this coming week but the week after and will be coming once a fortnight.

I’ve very much enjoyed not having carers as it’s meant not having to be tied to certain times of being here etc.  The only time I’ve regretted not having carers was the Monday when the cold I just had was at it’s absolute worst.  Mostly because I didn’t feel well and wasn’t up to making dinner and it was a day when previously I would have had carers.  It was a totally psychological thing because even if i’d still been having carers there were more days a week they didn’t come than they did.  And my Dad dropped me dinner in and it was fine.  Also I probably would have found having a carer stressful that day as I was a poorly girl and the carers who were my regulars when they stopped coming had a tendency towards panic.

Anyway… I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to having the cleaners start but that I am apprehensive.   At least at the moment it looks as though there will be a few niggles and where I did think this was the right thing for me now I don’t know.  But of course I won’t know for definite until they start coming and have been a couple of times.

I’m probably just borrowing trouble.

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