>New Batteries

>I got my wheelchair batteries replaced today.  I know that’s probably of no interest to anyone else but I find it useful to record it here.  

They lasted about 18 months (they were replaced October or November 2007 prior to today).  Possibly could have gotten a few more months use out of them but they were not holding a charge properly and no one was comfortable with my planned day out in Birmingham next month happening without my having new batteries.  Just too far away from home when we know of a potential problem.

And said new batteries will need several lots of being used and recharged (long charges) before they are fully up to par.  Equally no one was overally happy with me going to Birmingham on batteries that hadn’t been through that cycle of conditioning.

So today, with little more than a month left before Rach and I go to see Fame in Birmingham, was the day.

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