>Happy Easter!

>I’m going to take a few days break from the PC over Easter, I think it will be quite good to have a rest and also good for my mental health too.

I’ve actually got quite a lot I’d like to blog about but equally with some of that the desire to simply let go without blogging about is also present.  So I’ll have to think about those things.

Something else related that occurs to me about that (blogging or letting it go) is that time changes what’s important.  Yesterday I was planning that I would write about one of the things today and I was pretty much clear on what I had to say about that.  Tuesday I knew that this week would see me blog about certain events.  But then yesterday something happened and today I was told something and it changed.  Events were put into perspective and the topic I wanted to write about yesterday isn’t as important.  And the spin I wanted to put on it, the way my thoughts were going isn’t relevant any more.  It almost feels crass.

And that, sometimes, is the downside of blogging.  It just captures thoughts and feelings at one moment in time.  None of the before and none of the after.  And it does so in isolation.  Which means a lot of context, and at times meaning is missing.  As is the fact that sometimes it’s just a rant and its not as bad as my words may make it out.  Because I’m getting it out and ranting and that makes me feel better.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking lately.  

As for the events of this week themselves I will only say that at times it’s been a sad tough week.  But it’s also bought me a measure of relief and today brings the feeling that in some ways I’ve come full circle.  It’s a strange feeling and one I can’t explain.  But there it is.

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