>On reposting

>I don’t think I’ve ever covered this here so this is officially my new blogging policy on if you want to repost all or part of one of my posts (or tweets).

If you want to copy anything from my blog or quote me, please keep the quotes short and share a link to my blog/the original entry.  Also I’d really appreciate it if you let me know.

In my opinion, with  a post that includes “please repost” or pass this on message is a little different.  If you rewrite the request in your own words that’s cool, you could always put that you found out via me and it would make me happy but if you write it it’s cool without.  

If you copy my original announcement word for word copy and paste from my blog that’s really not so cool.  And for the love of god acknowledge the fact that I was the one who wrote it with a link!  Even if you only copy part of my entry and add thoughts of your own it’s only polite to acknowledge the work and the time I’ve taken in writing part of it.

These blog entries take me time and effort and a lot of thought and it frustrates me so much to see others passing my work off as their own (even if it is a “please repost” entry of mine and doing so is not their intention the result is still the same).

I try to do the same with other people’s blog entries and if I don’t manage to do so can only apologise.  

I’d hate to be seen as a bitch because of this but it’s almost copyright theft and it’s such an annoyance of mine.  With a couple of instances of this having occurred I thought laying out my thoughts on the matter was a good idea.

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