>She says, cynically.

>On Friday after the book signing I was asked by the owner of the shop if he could post one of the photos of me and Jodi Picoult (he took some on his camera too) on the bookshop’s blog.  Of course I said yes and I was happy for that.  I did ask he e-mail me copies too – he took the same shots as my Dad did with my camera but they may have come out better for all I know.  As yet I don’t have e-mails and the blog hasn’t been updated.

As we were driving back home afterwards my Dad and I were talking about what happened, what Jodi said to me etc.  And about the fact they asked if they could post my picture on their blog.

I said that I saw him take a few pictures of some of the first people who had photos taken with her (I was about 10 or 15 people back in the queue) presumably in case she started being pushed for time and had to decline others later on.

And that I figured he asked me for the blog because I’m in a wheelchair.  Dad didn’t agree with me and I just went “She says, cynically” and that was that.  But then the next day I was telling Soph and she immediately went “probably because you’re in a wheelchair, you’re diverse” (or at least i think she said diverse).

I don’t actually care either way but I did find it pretty funny that Soph and I both jumped to the same immediate conclusion.

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